Business Services Support

To cope with our client requirements, CORE is pleased to provide other business services support. IT Support Services We can assist with registration of domain name, creation of email account, webpage design and hosting and Search Engine Optimization Services. Trade Support Services We can assist with opening of Letter of Credit (“LC”) / Trade account with banks and co-ordination with banks on terms and conditions. When clients require setting up an account with Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (“HKGCC”), we can liaise with HKGCC and process the registration in one working day. On each of the LC transaction, we can assist to obtain a Certificate of Origin (“CO”) from HKGCC when the original CO is issued outside of Hong Kong together with the company invoice to be stamped by HKGCC if it is required. In addition, we can assist our client with preparing of company invoice, packing list, shipping documents and bank forms for submission to the bank for processing of the LC transactions such as Transfer LC, Back to Back LC among others. Usually, time is of essence when processing the LC transaction. In view of this, our company can act as an authorized representative for signing of the company invoice, packing list, CO, bank forms and other shipping documents in Hong Kong to avoid any processing delay of the LC transaction. Certification, Notarization, Apostillation, Authentication and Legalization Services Assistance For different business purposes, certification of corporate documents by a professional bodies or government may be required. Sometimes, additional notarization by International Notary Public, apostillation by High Court and Legalization and authentication by Embassy or Consulate may also be required. Our company has a professional and experienced team for assisting our clients in completing these requirements. Download Certificate of Origin China Company Registration document When the company is required to process registration in China or requires a major transaction in China such as in a legal court case, it must obtain a set of documents duly certified by a China Appointed Attested Officer (中國司法部委托公證人) with legalization by China Legal Services (HK) Limited (中國法律服務(香港)有限公司), who is the China Government authorized department for conducting the legalization in Hong Kong. If the company is not a Hong Kong registered company, we can assist with conducting the certification, notarization and legalization by a recognized China Embassy in such country. Legal Services Assistance CORE has a group of strong legally affiliated partners who can assist our clients with all busniess services legal support such as creation of probate / Will, drafting of shareholder agreement, drafting of Sale and Purchase Contract, reviewing and advising of the legal contract etc. Trade Mark and Patent Registration For protection clients’ company logo, trade mark, slogan, product design, product technology and brand name without the infringement by third party, we strongly recommend our clients to register them in Hong Kong and their country of operations. Our professional team can do the registration in Hong Kong and China. Name Card, Company Letterhead Paper, envelope and stationery Usually, time is of essence for many international business transactions. Name card, company letterhead paper, envelope and stationery are the first images given to business partners in the earliest stage. As per our professional experience in the past 15 years, we met with many clients and truly understand our clients’ needs. In order to assist our clients in their time-constrained schedules, we can provide professional advice, design and production prior to the first business meeting with your business partners.